Year End is always a stressful time, no matter how thorough the preparation. As a CFO or Finance Director, while resolutely ticking items off your list, you might still be grappling with many Year End issues such as paying your vendors, scrutinizing your balance sheet, checking your income statement and confirming your tax deadlines.

It may seem obvious, but planning ahead will help avert last minute mayhem when accounts are not finalised and documentation can not be found or is incomplete. Staying on top of milestones in the run up to Year End allows timely flagging of issues and opportunities to solve problems as they arise. However, even the best Year End planning and preparation cannot fill the void if what you really need is another pair of capable hands to help in the short term.

Being realistic is as important as being prepared. 

fdu’s Interim Practice supports innovative and growing companies through the Year End period, providing high calibre interim Finance and Accounting experts.

A recent example is our Interim placement at Navigant Consulting, an independent specialised, global professional services firm that combines deep experience, foresight, and industry expertise to pinpoint emerging opportunities to help build, manage and protect the business value of their clients. Focusing on industries and clients facing transformational change and significant regulatory and legal issues, Navigant Consulting serves the healthcare, energy and financial services sectors which represent highly complex market and regulatory environments.

“Interim or not, anybody Navigant hires has to bring with them the right set of skills and experiences, and a pragmatic attitude. In a time of need, fdu’s Interim service was faultless – on target and quick!”

 Antonis Papathomas, Director of International Finance, Navigant Consulting

Moving at pace, fdu can provide strong financial management resource to help you achieve your Year End objectives. Should you need help shaping your Year End resource, please feel free to get in touch.