Kate Bearman, Executive Chair, Waverly Group

What impressed you most about working with fdu?

Their professionalism, willingness and desire to help. I was impressed from the start and they didn’t disappoint.

What surprised you most about fdu’s approach?

Taking the time to get to know us, the business, our needs, not looking to tick boxes. I’m a former consultant myself and can spot those who take a generic/off the shelf approach and we wanted to avoid that at all costs.

What do you now insist upon in searches?

This has been a very good exercise in what to expect and aspire to in a search.

How did fdu challenge you?

To slow down, get it right, think carefully about fit. One of the shortlisted Candidates was excellent, almost a bit of a rock star, but fdu cautioned against personality versus hands on experience. It was a very fair point. They also guided us very well on contract negotiations.

Describe the impact of fdu’s candidate you hired?

The Candidate already onboarded himself even though he hadn’t officially started. Keen and a great attitude. fdu had primed him well!

What did fdu offer beyond the expected value?

From the outset, they were superb and struck a balance between being good listeners but also good guides. Authoritative but collaborative, real experts in terms of finance functions and roles and what we needed to find given our current set up. fdu ensured there was momentum in the process (which we were pushing hard for) but not at the expense of taking the time to get it right. All the Candidates on the short list were highly credible. I just can’t fault any of it.