fdu is proud to be working in association with The Financial Times Corporate World Championships to host a business breakfast event with speaker and human performance expert Keith Hatter.

FTCWC Chairman, Chad Lion-Cachet talks more about the philosophy behind the FT Corporate World Championships and how sports performance psychology can be applied to achieve significant innovation and growth in business.

In the world of elite sport there’s a much greater emphasis on preparation than there seems to be in corporate life. As much as 90% of an elite athlete’s time is spent preparing and just 10% doing the job. No company could duplicate this, but there remains too much of an obsession with ‘doing’ in the business world at the expense of planning and understanding.

In many businesses too much effort goes into working out what has gone wrong and what doesn’t work. In sport it’s the complete opposite. The emphasis is on understanding what makes someone good at what they do, how they can become even better at it and how they can pass on these lessons to others in their team.

The Financial Times Corporate World Championships (FTCWC) has been created to provide an opportunity for businesses to build a high performance culture within their organisation, enabling staff to learn how to approach their work, as an athlete would.

FTCWC is a unique experience to allow companies to develop high performance behaviours through a combination of coaching and sporting competition, staff will learn the secrets of professional athletes, taking their performance to another level. The FTCWC will provide a ‘laboratory’ to apply learning through the high performance programme, for all the workforce, creating an opportunity for personal development and confidence building.

Teams of amateur athletes will compete in up to six sports, (swimming, triathlon, running, sailing, golf and cycling), mentored in the lead-up to the competition by world-class sport psychologists. Senior Managers within the organisations, can take on the role of their teams “Performance Director”, benefiting from the Leadership Development Programme, learning and practicing how to fuel motivation within their teams, to ensure their performance in and out of work is consistent, intense and sustainable.

We are excited to be able to create an opportunity for businesses and their workforce to think, prepare and perform like elite athletes and delighted to be sharing our expertise with our guests at fdu’s committed to growth business breakfast event in June.

Chad Lion-Cachet, Chairman, Financial Times Corporate World Championship


For more details of the fdu committed to growth breakfast event, please contact Steve Evans sevans@fdu-group.com