Dr Andy Kemp, Principal, The National Mathematics and Science College

What was your first impression of fdu?

fdu impressed from the outset.

What did fdu offer that went beyond?

fdu worked with us closely across the whole process, helping us think about issues like the role title, salary banding, job expectations and interview process.

How did you hear about fdu?

Having tried to appoint for a Director of Finance and Resources directly, and not managed to find a credible field of applicants, we went out to tender from a range of recruiters.

What do you think of fdu’s way of working?

fdu have shown their passion and dedication for getting this right, checking in with us and the appointee a few weeks and a few months later to make sure it’s all worked out.

What was the outcome of fdu’s placement?

fdu took the time to really get to know us and what we needed, and kept us regularly updated on the progress of the search. In the end we were presented with an excellent field of candidates, all of whom were highly appointable, allowing us to find and appoint a first-class candidate to the role.

What impressed you most about working with fdu?

fdu’s work is a testament to the value of a good search process. We had previously failed to find any credible candidates, but with their support we had the luxury of choosing between several outstanding candidates to find the one who would be the best fit for The National Mathematics and Science College.