Fergal Roche, CEO, The Key

What do you look for in a recruitment service provider?

I want people who really understand us and who get to the heart of what we need, which isn’t always what we put in job descriptions.

What made fdu stand out initially?

fdu put me through an intensely searching interview to figure out how we worked and what I really needed.

fdu’s way of working during the search?

Determined | probing | insightful | challenging | communicative

How did fdu challenge you in the process?

They got me to re-think the role requirements to the point where I was much happier with what we were doing.

What has impressed you most about working with fdu?

They presented five impressive Candidates for the CFO role, as well as a replacement for our Finance Controller. We found that all five were really appointable. Unheard of!

What was the outcome of fdu’s placement?

We have a superb CFO, with a profile I never would have thought of searching for. He has had a transformative impact on our business over the past year.