The Interim To Permanent Trend … Is It Permanent?

2020 certainly has not delivered the usual in terms of recruitment experiences and practices with everything hitting pause earlier this year, and – understandably – Interim positions picking up some of the slack.

Initial reluctance to add fixed staff costs at this time has resulted in Permanent positions being replaced by Interim roles, allowing businesses a greater degree of flexibility and adaptability in the current climate. While we’ve been hard at work connecting with our networks and pulling out all the stops for our Clients, we have noticed a growing trend – which may describe where the business community finds itself now.

While Interim appointments make financial sense in unpredictable times due to their scalability, we have noticed a number of these Interim positions converting to Permanent appointments in greater numbers and a shorter timeframe than usual. We have had five Clients convert Interim positions to Permanent in the last six months, including big hitters such as Conran and Premiership Rugby.

The trend can be interpreted as a growing ‘Try before you Buy’ phase, allowing businesses to push long-term financial commitments a little further down the road. It is also showing the positive tendency to still appoint Permanent roles due to the performance of the Interim appointee or the good shape of the business, or both. Either way, this is an interesting shift in a time where every positive note really needs highlighting. It is an effective method for businesses to manage their ability to react, change and develop at pace to match changing market conditions, while still continuing to grow and succeed, and that is certainly something we all want to make permanent.

If you know that this is the way forward for your organisation and are looking for the right people to lead and grow your team, fdu’s Search and Interim & Advisory practices have extensive networks of high calibre business associates and advisors to help you find the best people to grow your business with the right mix of people and ideas.

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