The Covid Career Break – Coming Back Stronger

If recent events have taught us anything, it is that life as we know it can change in an instant. One of the many consequences of the pandemic has been enforced career breaks for people whose industries or businesses have been forced to adjust to the fallout from Covid-19. From job losses to furlough to redundancies, times have been tumultuous for many.

But while these new circumstances are often dire, there have also been positive outcomes such as a new job or even career due to events forcing a new direction, a new attitude or new ideas.

A few of our Candidates had enforced career breaks due to Covid-19, and subsequently landed new roles that are far better than their previous roles. Their career breaks gave them the opportunity to take time out to properly address exactly what they wanted to do next in their careers. Their down time also allowed them to slow their pace of life temporarily and recharge both physically and mentally, addressing previous work/life imbalances and just enjoying life out of the rat race for a while. This ultimately led them to attacking the new role head on with more motivation and hunger than they would have had if they had just switched from one role to another.

Employers’ attitudes to career breaks and sabbaticals in general are changing, with more and more companies now offering these as overall retention tools. Sabbatical policies and career breaks are not only being offered to retain talent, but ultimately benefitting the organisations with employees returning with more to offer in their jobs, from new skills to new professional qualifications – not to mention a refreshed and invigorated attitude to work.

Whether it is a forced career break or a planned one, the opportunity exists to take a step back and let the next move change your life for the better. In the pandemic’s numerous negatives, that may just be one of the positives for many people.