Start-Up Financial Controllers: The Need To Be Olympic

The Olympics is not the only place where athletic, agile and driven behaviour gets you to the pinnacle of your career. Early stage / start-up companies require their Finance hires to not only be technically superb, but curious, driven individuals with initiative; people who are used to operating at the top of their game in whatever they do – study, sport or career.

Often the DNA of the classic accountant doesn’t match with the start-up’s culture of uncertainty, change and ambiguity, where thinking on your feet and anticipating what the future may bring (in terms of scale / growth) has to sit side by side with the rigour of owning a robust Finance function. Ideal Finance candidates for this environment are natural problem solvers who possess the leadership qualities necessary to champion their Finance function across the business.

Financial Controllers who maximise their exposure to all the different aspects of a business not only diversify their experience but enrich their insight into how the Finance function can help and support a business to grow. Ultimately, this innate curiosity and a belief in the product or service that the start-up is offering is what is required to maximise their chances of success. This is not for everyone, but in the fast growth of the early-stage company, this buy in is key.

Financial Controllers with the right combination of agility, experience and ambition are being rapidly headhunted by growing companies that need more than an accountant … they need athletes: driven, successful and focused on the win.

*Image by Extraction on Unsplash