David Wilkinson, CFO, Squint Opera

What dilemma did you face during your search?

Our initial hire with fdu – who on paper and background should have been perfect – was struggling to adapt to life in a small company. It was time to part ways.

How did fdu manage the situation?

fdu’s response was simple and professional. Together we worked out exactly what had gone wrong, what was required to correct it and fdu initiated a new search which promptly resulted in three strong Candidates.

Thoughts on fdu’s way of working during the search?

Intensive conversations clarifying exactly what had been lacking previously and what we wanted from the next employee. An insightful, challenging and thoroughly communicative process.

When were you won over by fdu?

We were already impressed with fdu’s recruitment processes and professionalism, but their handling of our specific predicament was faultless, swift and comprehensive.

How has your impression of fdu changed over the course of this process?

Recruitment is often a personal, relationship driven process and my understanding of the strength and depth of fdu’s Client Service has improved with this process.

What was the outcome of fdu’s placement?

The Candidate highly recommended by fdu was slightly left-field and the comment ‘meet him and you will see’ was the best endorsement of whether he was a good fit or not. Needless to say the Candidate was perfect and started a month later!