Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay


“Turn your magic on” – Martin

Song Choice:- I listened to this track as I travelled away from my breakfast meeting presentation at fdu to a group of their key Clients. It encompasses a lot of my ideals about being ‘Elite’ and belief that everyone should value their own experience and use it in the workplace to its maximum effect.

You see, I wonder how much people actually ‘Turn their magic on’ each day? It wasn’t an issue for the people I presented to at fdu as they were all extremely successful within their own business environment but there was an interesting moment when I asked them how ‘Elite’ they felt they were, both at work, at home and in their leisure pursuits. It’s always an interesting question to ask as most people put themselves in at ‘average’, and certainly not an ‘Elite’ level.

Now that might be a very conservatively ‘English’ way of thinking so as not to look ‘Over-Confident’ and blend into the crowd but who really wants to be ‘Average’? I certainly don’t. I want to be as ‘Elite’ as I possibly can and since I’ve put a ‘value’ on my experience and monetised it, it’s paid dividends. I believe 100% in my own value and values.


“And we are legends every day” – Martin

The interesting thing is, I believe everyone has a ‘legend’ in them and it’s empowering them to realise that where I believe I really make a difference to how they see themselves, their colleagues, their prospects and their loved ones. There’s nothing worse than spending a large proportion of ones week in an environment where you are undervalued and then you in turn, act in an undervalued and negative way.

The Average2Awesome Business Coaching Programme cross platforms the workplace. People across the business get to interact closely together as a team for twelve weeks, resulting in greater colleague understanding, company positivity and physical well-being. It’s a real win-win and I love winning!


“Everything you want’s a dream away” – Martin

I’m not sure I believed this before my own transformation back in 1994 but I’m more than ever convinced now as I witness this transformation in the people I coach. Having a vision, a career plan and some new values and rules to live by leads ordinary ‘Average’ people on to be the ‘Awesome’ people they’ve always threatened to be. As Coldplay’s Chris Martin goes on to sing ‘We are Diamonds’ which I believe we all are. Finding the right place and when to shine, that’s the key.


“If we’ve only got this life'” – Martin

‘Well, why not do your best you can with the time you have on this planet then’. That’s what I say, in every aspect of your life and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

  • Ask yourself just how ‘Elite’ you feel you really are?
  • Ask yourself am I giving this my best shot?
  • Ask yourself do I need to raise my standards?
  • Ask yourself have a got a good work/home life balance?
  • Ask yourself am I Average or am I Awesome?


Of course, only you will know those answers to those questions, but just in writing them I’ve asked myself the same and will reconsider my own performance and reassess my own ‘Eliteness’.


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