At fdu we strongly believe in the positive links between sport and business, and as part of that we are firm supporters of grassroots sport at Rowley Lane, home of Maccabi London FC.

But Rowley Lane isn’t necessarily just about football.  Rowley Lane represents a safe place for children to go to. It represents a place where they learn a skill, but also life lessons about teamwork, hard work, sportsmanship and trust, which stand them in good stead in their future careers and life in general.

With no annual fundraisers possible in 2019 and 2020, Maccabi London FC are holding a 48-hour fundraising blast from Sunday 14th to Monday 15th February. This is a joint online fundraising campaign through Charity Extra, to raise the much needed funds required to keep Rowley Lane open as well as the vital improvements to two of the Junior pitches that will provide football for an additional 200 players every Sunday.

Join us in showing your support of this vital venue where not only physicality and outdoor activity is encouraged, but mental wellbeing and mental health as well – which is increasingly important in today’s world.

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, please do so on Sunday or Monday (or both!).