fdu’s CEO, Adam Bloch, has signed up to the join a stage of the Tour De Force charity cycle challenge as part of his own commitment to growth. In a series of blogs, Adam shares his personal journey and motivation to be part of this amazing event.

Given life really is all about purpose, in an effort to live up to the ‘do’ rather than merely the ‘say’, I now have 3 months to go until I compete for over 4 days in the Alps with Tour De Force.

At fdu we firmly believe that drive, resilience and tenacity are intimately linked to individual and team performance. From someone you may not know yet, that statement could be easily construed as mere rhetoric but I am as committed to this challenge as I am to fdu’s ability to deliver results and experience, and when not working and spending time with family, I have been training whenever possible.

Aches and pains outweigh the physical fatigue and I have to keep reminding myself its mind over matter. Additionally there’s ROI planning (what session am I doing today, distance or interval); organisation (fit it neatly into the day so as not to impact upon business and family); tools (the bike is not quite yet online or virtual but needs looking after); and most importantly team (an on-line coach, and a forgiving, invested wife). There are countless analogies to the process of growing a business.

And what’s the goal? To raise money for charity, in this case the William Wates Memorial Trust (more to come on this wonderful cause), to walk the walk, to appease the need to expend a mass of energy – in fact, it seems like all three.

The alcohol abstinence has started. I won’t miss it much but can already taste the winning dry cider with ice.

Onwards and upwards.

Adam Bloch

You can also follow Adam’s progress on Twitter @adbloch and @fdu_group