Jan Gooze-Zijl, CFO, Premiership Rugby

Describe the impact of the candidate you hired through fdu?

Anita is doing an excellent job in difficult circumstances. She has not yet physically met a single colleague despite being in post for over eight months. Premiership Rugby as a business has also been significantly impacted by the Covid crisis and her calm, methodical, forensic approach has had an immediate positive impact.

What did fdu offer beyond the expected value?

All the candidates I met, both in this round, and an earlier one, could potentially fill the role, so there was no-one who immediately fell short. This greatly accelerated the process and reduced time wasted.

How did fdu challenge you in the process?

Continual questions around my thinking which helped frame what I was really looking for.

How did fdu work during the assignment?

Clear comms | Lots of questions to ensure their understanding of my needs | Continual feedback during the process to test whether those assumptions were still relevant | Very responsive to calls.

What surprised you about fdu’s approach?

Understanding the brief for the role, and the culture that I am recruiting into | Sourcing a short list of suitable Candidates | A straightforward and pragmatic approach which enabled me to move quickly through the recruitment process.

What impressed you most about working with fdu?

They are fast-moving in finding a strong set of Candidates and overall very pragmatic and focused on outcomes.