Your trusted Service Provider with far-reaching benefits

Working hand in hand with you as well as your Clients
fdu helps our Clients make the best Finance and Operations hiring decisions at every stage in the business life cycle thanks to our deep functional knowledge and broad relationships. Our partnership approach underpins our proven track record of results-driven business and consistently delivering outcomes above expectations, not only for our Clients, but your Clients as well.

Our long-term Service Provider Partnership vision

We understand the unique nature of your relationship with your Clients and the subtleties and sensitivities that go hand in hand. When we communicate with your Clients, we serve to enhance your relationship with them as a trusted service provider. We understand that your standing is paramount, and we consistently have your best interests in our sights.

We offer your Clients honest advice based on experience and sound judgement, and Finance and Operational recruitment services at multiple levels of seniority. We are dedicated to developing mutually beneficial partnerships that facilitate end goals being met. Through our integrity, accountability and availability we have earned the confidence of our partners.

You can count on us:

  • understanding that when we work with your Clients your reputation is unassailable

  • being sensitive to your own Client dynamics and taking a suitable approach to them

  • enhancing your Client relationships as a trusted service provider

  • reciprocally recommending your services to our Clients and relevant contacts.

Process and Practice

Our commitment is supported by robust processes that deliver results. We follow straightforward but proven methods to ensure they find our services easy and enjoyable.

Your Focus

We understand that it’s not all just about relationships either. Our reputation is underpinned by the fact that we know your markets and we know your Clients’ markets too. Whether it is international cross-border recruitment or niche local service provision, we use our sector knowledge and insight to provide top level tailored resourcing.

Why fdu?

Sound judgement

Honest advice

Mutually beneficial partnerships



Partnership confidence

Excellent Client experience