Making changes can be tough, even when it’s for the best.

But hiring the right talent can be even harder without the right support. Your specific circumstances, needs and objectives are as unique to you as the skills, experience and personalities of the individuals you seek. And the decisions you make to bridge this gap can often mean the difference between a successful hire and stalling growth in your business. That’s why we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.


fdu will draw upon years of business, executive search, recruitment and finance operations experience to tackle your hiring challenges.


During the sourcing process, we’ll call upon board directors, CFOs and business professionals to identify and attract the perfect person for your role.

Breadth and Depth

We’ve collaborated with FTSE, AIM, NYSE, Nasdaq, private equity, venture capital and founder-owned organisations, and appreciate the nuances of each.

Growth Ambition

Experience and deep understanding of numerous market sectors has taught us how to attract the right professionals for companies that aspire to grow and change.


The hallmarks of our searches are exacting standards of customer service, painstaking attention to detail and rigorous project management processes.

Global Culture

Our reach extends beyond the UK to Europe, the US and Asia. We’ll work across borders to ensure we find high calibre Candidates for you.


Time is money when you need to make an appointment. We’ve fine tuned our process so we can access the right people for your industry quickly and efficiently.