We are a few days into the new year already and with an eventful one ahead, we have picked three ideas to focus on to make 2019 not only a successful year, but a results-driven and satisfying one as well.

Take stock

Avoid getting swept up in the New Year hysteria of new beginnings and take a look at what you already have, what you need and what needs work. Now is as good a time as any to objectively assess your business, role or plan for the next twelve months and face those decisions you may have been avoiding in the run up to the festive season. Improvement might be a lot simpler than you thought.

Take a breath

Reflection is important, not only in life but in business too. As difficult as it is to carve time out from the steady stream of reactive issues that dominate daily work life, the larger issues such as your strategy and business objectives need your full attention too. Are they still relevant and accurate? How much do you need to adjust yourself or your business plan to succeed in 2019? Answering these questions does not take mere minutes, and is worthy of dedicated time set aside to think and have a good look at the bigger picture.

Take steps to respond and adapt to change

This might be a rather wide-ranging description for business in the coming year (or years) but the central tenet still rings true for all business: change will happen, it’s just the degree that might differ. Whether your change in the coming year includes staff, strategy, execution or environment, being prepared is a no-brainer. Full awareness of your options and putting plans in place will certainly remove some of the discomfort of a potentially bumpy ride and free up your time from firefighting to proactively solving problems as they arise.

It may sound simple, but it is often the little things that lead to the bigger successes. In our 10th year in business, we are ‘taking’ our own advice and focusing on analysing how far we’ve come, what we have right now and what we need to plan to get our upward trajectory into a higher gear.

But more on that in the next blog ….