Karen Slatford, Chairman, MYCOM OSI

What did you get from fdu’s approach?

Trust | A good network | A good Candidate | Respect for my time and management’s time.

What did fdu offer beyond the expected value?

Adam is someone I trust – committed to doing a good job, honest and tells it like it is.

What do you now insist upon in searches?

A headhunter I trust, who perseveres, doesn’t give in and is prepared to fish in different pools to find the right Candidate.

How did fdu work during the assignment?

We saw a very select small number of Candidates and gave direct feedback which was accepted and applied. We quickly found a Candidate with the right fit.

What was the outcome of fdu’s placement?

The Candidate brought rigour and discipline and made a great start at identifying the key issues.

What has Impressed you most about working with fdu?

Their openness and listening skills, and their ability to course correct quickly.