Lockdown, Interim Management and Me

Whilst we all find ourselves in unusual times, our ability to react, change and develop has never been more required.

I have had the opportunity over the past few weeks to speak with business leaders across an array of sectors. One thing is for sure, if you are waiting for things to return to ‘normal’, you are most certainly going to be disappointed!

The real challenge is how you continue to feed, develop and maintain your business throughout this uncertainty, in order to be in the best position possible to take any opportunity that may present itself.

This has been a time for me to reconnect with many of my associates, a time to focus on how they actually are, how they have been affected, of course professionally, but also personally. Strangely, it seems this tragedy has put real humanity back into the heart of business and enterprise.

Of course, the question I get asked most is, “How are you finding it?”. The answer is simple, “Tough”, “Unprecedented”, just like everyone else. But within that, there are bright glimmers of a newly formed future, one which mobilises the unique and flexible talent of Interim Management. The question is how this can be maximised in today’s restrictive environment.

Visionary leaders are already asking the question on how best to position themselves, change their working practices, and be in the best shape possible for the future. Whilst reluctant to add fixed cost at this uncertain time, the availability of senior talent through Interim Management is figuring greatly in their plans. The ability to ramp up and scale back at notice has never been more in demand. The unpredictable nature of where we find ourselves demands it.

Interims are also offering flexibility around working practices. Interim Management has been born out of adapting to change, being a chameleon. I have lost count of the times I have used the expression “Hit the ground running…”. Now is no different. Zoom has replaced the typical face to face meeting, but it has also expedited response times and availability. Initial periods without notice now being accepted in many cases. Some have even offered their services pro bono for a short period to demonstrate the effectiveness they can bring.

Clients that use this time to engage with the finest flexible talent available are placing themselves strategically in pole position for the future.

If anything above has given you food for thought or resonated with you, please get in touch with me to discuss further on jmclaughlin@fdu-group.com.