With all the news of now swirling around us and business, political and sporting events already racing relentlessly ahead into 2018, we at fdu are taking a moment to reflect upon a few basics to help us all strive forwards and achieve our goals this year; some pragmatic and realistic points to consider.


Technology is not only here to stay: it is zooming ahead and we have no choice but to keep up. Continue to embrace technology as a means to run and grow your company, as this will not only maintain active learning but also ensure that your company does not fall behind the curve. You will not regret it.


Be conscious of value for money and what that means – either as a buyer or seller of product or service. Reliable quality is consistently a cornerstone of enabling deal wins and maintaining good partnerships. Aim for this.


Don’t get caught up in the noise of Brexit. It’s a long game, so in the meantime concentrate on building and delivering excellence in whatever business you are in … even politics.


Social and business technology networks are crucial in today’s world, but don’t neglect to properly engage with people in terms of your time, focus and support. This is appreciated more and more as it becomes less and less common to receive someone’s full attention.


Don’t forget yourself – work-life balance should not just be a trending phrase in your vocabulary. Look after yourself while you look after all the business concerns of the year too. You will reap the long-term benefits.

For us at fdu, good business practice in Client Service situations is to always be mindful of what is going on in the bigger picture for a Client. We take the time to understand our Clients’ contexts, no matter how complicated or convoluted they may be. In 2018, as we do every year, we will be focusing on our Client situations; on the detail and the bigger picture. Stay connected with fdu as we continue to keep our eyes open, keep calm and keep climbing!

To find out more about how we do that, get in touch – we’ll keep it between us.