Steve Breach, CFO, KF Beauty

What surprised you about fdu’s approach?

Good listening – critical to understand the role | Good filtering of Candidates | Didn’t waste Client time with an inappropriate longlist | Credible Candidate database | Honest and straightforward appraisal of challenges in the assignment and remuneration requirements.

What did fdu offer beyond the expected value?

Excellent understanding of the brief | Rapid response with credible Candidates | Accurate Candidate appraisals.

How did fdu challenge you?

Clarity on the role | Key personal characteristics flushed out.

How did fdu work during the assignments?

Fast response | Solutions delivered very quickly.

What has been the impact of the Candidate?

Our Candidate is very strong and performing at a high level. He turned out to be an excellent hire.

What impressed you most about fdu?

 fdu are honest and easy-to-work with | Professionalism | Rapid response | They hit the mark first time | Strengthened my already strong impression of them | I expect to be a recurring Client.