We are proud to be sponsoring¬†Southampton University Spaceflight Society’s¬†altitude record attempt: to break the F-class motor altitude record (4386 ft).

The SUSF Rocket Altitude Record Attempt (RARA) is progressing well, even in the current restrictive circumstances only allowing online meetings. The team has recently invested in most of the hardware for this project, including the motors for initial testing and the final record attempt.

The design of the fin can (fins, motor retention and boat tail) and nosecone is progressing well. The team members have designed some very innovative concepts regarding the motor retention while maintaining an aerodynamic profile. They have also 3D printed the first prototype of the parts in PLA (a biodegradable plastic).

The launch dates set out in the initial project proposal are still achievable, Covid-dependent, so all fingers are crossed.

Success Criteria will include:

  • Construction of a strong and lightweight rocket
  • Testing this design using smaller motors to lower altitudes
  • Making the top three altitude records for F-class motors
  • Breaking the current record of 4368 feet
  • Demonstrating the reusability of the rocket over a period of time