Interim Management – The Secret Weapon In Times Of Change

During periods of major transition, upheaval and change, organisations will often require strong Interim management and leadership. The COVID-19 epidemic has brought about such a period of upheaval in the business community, with the return to work now possibly indicating great shifts in workforce management and working practices.

Senior Interim assignments are playing an integral role in this transition period on the way back to economic stability, providing businesses with the temporary and focused leadership required to manage crunch situations with objectivity, agility and professionalism. Interim leaders are specifically sought out for their particular expertise, supporting businesses in adapting to change more efficiently and with the desired results.

One good thing about this period of unprecedented flexible working practices, is the increased availability of senior leadership members to drive Interim projects. They have been more readily accessible during lockdown – in fact, often just at the end of a video call – to feed back on individuals in real time and get decisions made quickly, but with the required strategic overview and insight that middle management executives are often not privy to. In the Interim world, time is more often than not in short supply, so a smooth and efficient process involving Clients, Interim Managers, insight and decisions is crucial.

This is the world in which we currently find ourselves, with companies facing big decisions and requiring temporary support to help steady the ship. Investing in the right people now will reap benefits for many more people in the future – a time we are all looking forward to.