Who would have predicted that out of all the technology available, those little devices glued to our hands or ears would eventually rule our lives to the extent that they currently do?


Mobile technology is carving out its niche in future industry with no sector being left untouched by its influence. Cramming more and more functionality into something that is ultimately pocket sized seems to be the Holy Grail for the modern marriage of technology and convenience. With China regarded as a world leader in mobile technology, it comes as no surprise that one of the first words students of Mandarin learn is ‘fangbian’, or convenient.


The sheer scale of mobile and the myriad apps being developed faster than you can count them makes a seamless mobile experience a top priority for businesses. We have come to expect everything at our fingertips on the go, which is why companies such as Facebook and Google are paying close attention to mobile advertising – today’s version of the goose’s golden egg. Google tweaked its algorithm last year to favour mobile-friendly sites in searches, while Facebook now considers itself a mobile-first company.

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From banking to shopping, working to playing and even for good old traditional chatting – text or voice – just about everything is possible on mobile. Our wallets are making way for contactless payment and businesses are recognising that the immediacy of mobile is making it our first port of call. Dr. Carsten Sørensen, digital innovation professor at the London School of Economics indicates that, “The mobile phone is doing what nothing else has managed to do since the launch of the credit card 50 years ago.”

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With so much accessible through one small device, we ultimately have more freedom to reorganise our lives to suit our needs without being restricted by location or time. Now, if only mobile phones could make waking up early in the mornings easier …