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With the rise of technology comes the rise of cyber attacks; some of which are now being focused on healthcare providers and hospitals where security breaches are becoming a commonplace problem. Providers are stepping up their security, planning and overall defence measures to protect patient privacy and avoid HIPPA violations which could tarnish reputations.

Artificial Intelligence is growing exponentially within the Healthcare Services sector right alongside the demand for precision medicine and the need for cost reductions. With companies such as IBM, Google and Microsoft already working on their own AI healthcare projects, it is safe to assume that in the coming years AI will be used across the sector from simple healthcare applications to complex patient diagnostics.

Technology has also allowed consumers to manage their own personal health with wearable connected devices that monitor their physical activities and functions. The wearables market is expected to reach over 500 million units by 2021.

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Alliance and Boots
Role – Senior Financial Analyst
Size – Public
Practice – Search

Nuffield Health
Role – Principal
Size – Mid Cap
Practice – Search

Central Surrey Healthcare
Role – Finance, Procurement & Contracts Director
Size – Public
Practice – Interim