As a leader, what do you consider to be important to your business? The numbers, definitely, but what about the culture, the values and the people that are the fuel enabling the wider elements of your business to drive growth?

How well are these enablers being proactively and strategically managed to set your business up for ongoing success and to ride the wave of competition?

Businesses that allow certain internal behaviourswhich ultimately signal arrogance towards their external customers – are set on a course for failure. It is the businesses that passively allow staff turnover rates that they ultimately know are costing them customers; businesses that suffer high levels of talent loss; businesses that allow internal politics to permeate their organisation and find themselves cyclically writing huge staff exit cheques that are harbouring weeds that are diverting key resources needed to fuel their growth.

A shift in focus that drives a leadership vision will help to fuel this growth: one that clearly outlines the type of organisation you really want to become, that puts values critical to setting you and your people up for success and that sets you apart from your competitors. Banishing the weeds comes from holding the organisation to account against delivery of the vision and values. This is possible by having sound commercial and pragmatic Human Resources leadership that ensures all Human Resources systems, processes and practices are aligned to setting up and developing your people to be successful and deliver.

Let your competitors harbour the weeds. Focus on fuelling your growth.