Robust financial management in the Not For Profit sector has again come under the spotlight with yet another charity recently collapsing due to ‘critically weak financial controls’. While good governance and strong leadership are an intrinsic part of running a successful Not For Profit enterprise, the financial and business management are just as crucial for the organisation to grow and serve the community.

Luckily, this gloomy scenario is not the case for all charities. In fact, fdu’s client SGOSS – Governors for Schools, is a great example of a charity that not only has strong financial governance at its heart, but exists to share financial and business knowledge by supplying a free governor search and selection service for schools keen to recruit Candidates with commercial experience to bolster the existing skill set of the Board of Governors.

Louise Cooper, fdu’s recent successful CEO appointment at SGOSS, plans to supplement highly effective recruitment services with training for governors and access to even more knowledge and support. Louise also aims to double the number of corporate partners over the next three years. The training will equip more governors to make a greater impact even faster, helping school boards manage the challenges of tighter budgets, hiring and retaining talent and at times transitioning to academy status.

This is just one of fdu’s clients in the Not For Profit sector, capitalising on their success and, with a razor sharp focus on excellent business management, raising it to the next level. If this progressive approach to growth sounds familiar, and is part of your strategy going forward, fdu would be keen to support you in achieving those goals. Should you be interested in finding out how, please feel free to get in touch.