The only constant in the world of technology is change. It is still astounding to see the speed at which it occurs. All sectors are affected in various ways and we understand how important it is to be on top of the latest shifts and trends.

Here is our selection of recent interesting articles on technology and importantly the people and skills required to keep up with growth.


$1 Billion to Acquire 40 People? The Connected Car Market Has ‘Arrived’

Bobi came across this topical article by our former client, Victor Basta, describing how disruptive technology is dramatically changing and beginning to lead even the most traditional industries. This is not only bringing enormous opportunities to the actual innovators, but also to those embracing the new waves of new technology early on.

Boyana Yordanova


Work Has Fundamentally Changed—but These Crucial Skills Haven’t

David came across this piece on evergreen skills.  It seems there are certain behaviours that will always prevail beyond the continuous ‘disruptive innovation’ of technology. John Herlihy believes these die hard skills to be: networking; data literacy; ambiguity; and mentorship. An insightful read.

David Bloom


Diageo Targets US Restaurants With App Investment

Never one to shy away from a nice meal, I came across this tasty morsel. Further integration between technology and the restaurant trade is evident in Diageo’s investment in a restaurant reservation app called ‘Reserve’. While Diageo seeks to immerse itself in the US on-trade through mobile technology, its insight into the restaurant industry is in turn highly beneficial to Reserve’s growth plans.

Adam Bloch


The Digital NHS

This one caught Richard’s eye. Jeremy Hunt has announced a £4.2 billion investment to bring the NHS into the digital age. People want more digital inclusion across the NHS, connecting them to the care and information they need. Even though there are great challenges ahead in achieving these goals, there is a palpable sense of real focus in delivering the right digital solutions for patient benefit.

Richard Morris


Reflections on Leadership

This is one of the most interesting articles I have read over the last few months, which looks at five leadership priorities to have emerged during 2015: In these increasingly digitised and competitive times, the relevant leadership attributes are essential to steer companies forward to growth.

Adam Bloch


Virat Kohli, the CEO

Steve’s our sports nut in the office.  He liked this piece. India’s current cricket captain, Virat Kohil, displays many attributes that should inspire managers and leaders everywhere. Not only does he lead from the front by delivering a consistently high ‘match winning’ performance, but also has a deep understanding of what he brings to the sport and executes accordingly to create a winning team.

Steve Evans