Not to be outdone by other sectors, retail is embracing technology in its race towards the future. However, it’s not all as simple as putting products online. Technology in retail is causing a blurring of the lines and some companies are feeling that more than others. Here is our selection of interesting articles in this space.


Tesla is experiencing its first major identity crisis 

Following a fatal crash involving the company’s ‘Autopilot’ technology, Tesla has decided it doesn’t want to be a car company anymore, stressing that it isn’t a traditional carmaker — it’s a fast-moving tech company. But for Tesla, the fact that its technology is now being questioned, is awkward.

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Interview with Paul Clarke, Chief of Technology at Ocado

The top notch technology and logistics behind Ocado have ensured its Best Supermarket ranking by Which? from 2010 to 2015, with consistent innovation and ‘self-disruption’ headed by their Chief of Technology, Paul Clarke.



Retail Tech in Fashion – Innovate or Not?

In recent years, technology has made it increasingly easier for fashion companies to expand their global reach, competing on much larger scales with the help of cloud technology, e-commerce and social media. However, one-touch payment options, smartphones and portable POS systems working alongside e-commerce technology are also doing their bit to disrupt the retail tech sector in fashion.

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