The world of retail has not been unaffected by the momentous Brexit vote. While some brands are experiencing shareholder uncertainty, other brands are feeling the beginnings of consumer shifts. One thing is for certain; retail keeps growing and evolving to meet consumers’ changing needs. Here is our selection of recent interesting articles on retail and the movements within the sector.


How Retailers Can Fashion their Way Through Brexit

Kira found this article to be a neat summation of Brexit’s impact on our nation of shopkeepers, throwing the future of the retail sector into turmoil. However, while dwindling consumer confidence might indicate that shopping isn’t our current favourite past-time, this could be an ideal opportunity for ‘Made in Britain’ to thrive in the future.


Retail Acquisitions Planned to Write off Debt to BHS in Proposed Rescue Deal

David has been following the contentious story of BHS’s demise. The latest news to anger BHS staff was Dominic Chappell’s consortium planning to keep a stake in BHS’s international business, allowing it to make a profit after selling the retailer to Sports Direct.


Invasion of the Bottle Snatchers

Sunita was amused to read that in emerging markets smaller rivals are successfully assaulting the world’s biggest brands, with the lumbering giants finding it hard to keep up with the fast changing consumer markets. The question is: is the billion-dollar brand still a robust model in general?


The Digital Economy is Outgrowing Existing Business Ecosystems

As a keen observer of activity within the technology sector, I found this very good read for all digital business owners. The UK’s digital economy is one of the most developed in the world and contributes an enormous amount to the UK economy. However, with this growth comes a pressing need to remodel the way digital business is taxed, regulated and structured as it is rapidly outgrowing the current systems in place.