Technology today is by its very nature disruptive. Smart business practice in the fast-paced tech environment therefore includes regularly pausing, stepping back and taking stock. Working with top technology companies to make the best Finance and Operations Leadership hiring decisions, fdu regularly do just that. One thing becomes abundantly clear: we have the privilege of working with truly dynamic and focused Clients, who are thriving by uniquely carving out their niche in highly competitive global markets.

 Two of fdu’s current Clients are clear examples of the disruptive and flourishing global technology sector:


Octo Telematics is the number one global provider of telematics and data analytics solutions for the auto insurance industry. Founded in 2002, Octo invented the insurance telematics industry, and today it is the largest and most experienced insurance telematics company in the world, providing actionable intelligence to more than 60 insurance partners. With 4.8 million connected users and the largest global database of telematics data, Octo has collected over 146 billion miles of driving data and analysed over 379,000 crashes and insurance events.

What is happening Octo’s space?

Octo collects data and applies powerful data analytics to turn it into actionable intelligence, generating solutions to help their partners improve processes, operate more efficiently and deliver improved financial results. A key player in the emerging Algorithm Economy, Octo’s machine learning algorithms are not only transforming auto insurance, but are also perfectly placed to support the emerging concepts of connected mobility and autonomous vehicles.


SilverHub is a brand new global agency that is invigorating the editorial and photographic assignments landscape with inspiring, scalable content ready to broadcast via digital, 360 video, VR and print media platforms. Founded in London in 2016 by an experienced and passionate team with expertise in all areas of the content business, SilverHub set out to meet changing customer needs and to approach the evolving media landscape differently.

What is happening in SilverHub’s space?

With their recent acquisition of Splash News, the world’s leading celebrity and entertainment breaking news agency, SilverHub’s combination of inspiring content with its collaborative approach is delivering results. Blending rich content creation with innovative technology solutions, they are providing a new platform for photographers and content creators alike, bringing to the market a fresh approach to deeper, more profitable relationships between content providers, their audiences and commercial partners.


These are just two of fdu’s Clients who are capitalising on their recent success and, at the same time, taking it to the next level by focusing on their longer term potential. If this kind of growth and transition sounds familiar, and is part of your strategy for the year ahead, fdu would be keen to support you in achieving those goals. Should you be interested in finding out how, please feel free to get in touch.