Looking back on our decade in business this year, it is clear that the driving force behind our vision has always been the quality of our relationships with all our stakeholders; our Clients, Candidates, Partners and Suppliers. We never work in isolation and are always looking at the bigger picture … as well as the detail. Our investment in human capital knowledge across all our interactions has allowed us to consistently provide the complete consulting service for 10 years; for those relationships we are grateful.

Taking this one step further, we are choosing ‘fduCONNECT’ as our theme for 2019. Connecting people is at the centre of what we do: brought about by meaningful communication uniting minds and hearts for the purpose of fruitful and enjoyable working relationships. We build businesses, teams and relationships by sharing information, insight and excellence, and we aim for a deep understanding of Client and Partner businesses and what makes them tick.

It is this connection that will be propelling the fdu team through 2019, into the next 10 years. Join us on our journey!