Waverly Group

Kate Bearman, Executive Chair, Waverly Group What impressed you most about working with fdu? Their professionalism, willingness and desire to help. I was impressed from the start and they didn't disappoint. What surprised you most about fdu's approach? Taking the time [...]

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The National Mathematics and Science College

Dr Andy Kemp, Principal, The National Mathematics and Science College What was your first impression of fdu? fdu impressed from the outset. What did fdu offer that went beyond? fdu worked with us closely across the whole process, helping us think [...]

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KF Beauty

Steve Breach, CFO, KF Beauty What surprised you about fdu's approach? Good listening – critical to understand the role | Good filtering of Candidates | Didn't waste Client time with an inappropriate longlist | Credible Candidate database | Honest and straightforward appraisal [...]

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Premiership Rugby

Jan Gooze-Zijl, CFO, Premiership Rugby Describe the impact of the candidate you hired through fdu? Anita is doing an excellent job in difficult circumstances. She has not yet physically met a single colleague despite being in post for over eight months. Premiership [...]

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Karen Slatford, Chairman, MYCOM OSI What did you get from fdu's approach? Trust | A good network | A good Candidate | Respect for my time and management's time. What did fdu offer beyond the expected value? Adam is someone I [...]

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James Harrabin, CEO, Travlet Jeremy Kraft, Interim CFO - fdu Candidate What do you look for in a recruitment service provider? We have used many agencies in the past and had a specific brief in mind for our Interim CFO position. fdu [...]

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Jeremy Sewell, CFO, Bitfury Ellen Gormley, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Bitfury What surprised you about fdu's approach? fdu are different in that they really listen to you and take on board what you are thinking. You get the impression that [...]

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Squint Opera

David Wilkinson, CFO, Squint Opera What dilemma did you face during your search? Our initial hire with fdu - who on paper and background should have been perfect - was struggling to adapt to life in a small company. It was time [...]

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The Key

Fergal Roche, CEO, The Key What do you look for in a recruitment service provider? I want people who really understand us and who get to the heart of what we need, which isn’t always what we put in job descriptions. [...]

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Zoo Digital

Dr Stuart Green, CEO, ZOO Digital (AIM) What do you look for in a recruitment service provider? At Board level, recruitment is really approached on an individual basis as each situation is unique. Due to the nature of this senior appointment, we [...]

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