Career Path Conversations with Neil Fachie

As part of fdu’s Pathway Podcasts Series, our CEO Adam Bloch is in conversation with business and sports leaders, talking about their distinct career paths, how they got to where they are now and any advice or interesting information they have for people looking to follow suit.

In this episode, Adam is in conversation with Neil Fachie, 14-times world champion cyclist and long-standing member of the Great Britain Cycling Team. Neil is also a best-selling author and a performance business coach, when he is not in the saddle training for his next gold medal. Neil discusses his comeback after sporting failure, overcoming perceived and real obstacles, and applying top sporting strategies and stress management techniques to the business environment and life in general.

In today’s working environment, where expectations and strategies are constantly being adjusted, Neil’s experiences will certainly inspire you and get some air in your tyres again.