Back in January this year we introduced fdu’s new strapline, committed to growth, stating our commitment to growth, both yours and ours. 12 months goes so quickly. Another 75 plus Client situations attended to, 2015 has been somewhat hectic for fdu, working with great Clients on a fantastic variety of stimulating Finance leadership recruitment assignments.

From growth SMEs, to mid-cap buy outs, to large established companies; bringing Finance expertise to the digital and technology, multi-site retail leisure FMCG, real estate, and professional services worlds. It’s been both challenging and rewarding to say the least. The sense of energy and drive in the open market, restored to some considerable degree since 2008, shapes a super future, and fuels optimism.

Most Importantly – Our Clients

“The greatest change in corporate culture – and the way business is being conducted – may be the accelerated growth of relationships based… on partnership.” – Peter F. Drucker

Thank you and congratulations to many of our Clients who have achieved significant positive change and success in 2015. The growth, VC backed, SME world continues to enthrall us with exciting twists and turns. Such companies as Kano,, Sabio, Infectious Media, and V-Nova are disrupting the Technology industries as their propositions engage with the Consumer, Business Services and Communication spaces. With the likes of AGI, Extra Energy, Radium One, Ingeus, Hovis, Nuffield Health, IBI and Navigant, we have been fortunate to observe the dynamics of change in the mid-cap and established company environment; continual tectonic shifts brought about via PE investment and rejuvenated macro-economic opportunity.

Thanks also to our fellow service providers, Auditors, Lawyers and Corporate Financiers who have put their faith in us by way of introductions. We look forward to further collaboration in 2016.

fdu’s Team

“Remember: upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” – Alexander the Great

Throughout this year the fdu team has maintained a solid working cadence. The team relentlessly commits to execution and excellence, striving for results and Client experience. The devotion to Client hiring we ask of ourselves, mirrors that of our Clients who have made the important decision to invest in new hires, and to collaborate with fdu to support them. The platform is building, and we are excited by the prospect of new, exceptional Consultants joining, to play lead parts in shaping fdu’s future.


“Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper.” – Shakuntala Devi (The Human Computer)

Numbers speak volumes. The breaking news is that for 2015, fdu has achieved 100% top line growth (to be formally reported in January 2016). How have we achieved this? Our staff number has increased allowing us to focus hard on the ‘behind the scenes’ quality; research, technology and project management rigour all contributing to successful and efficient assignment outcomes, alongside great Client experience. And, where it hasn’t worked first time around, we dig deep to ensure that we fix.

Onto 2016

“Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit – Conrad Hilton.”

Albeit less spiritual and more physical, fdu has grown and we’re moving again in January 2016 for more space to accommodate new hires; details to be announced but we look forward to welcoming our Clients into our new space.

 “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Behind the scenes, we have formed a number of exciting partnerships for 2016 and already have some fantastic event engagements in the works. With our new website, and evolved brand on the horizon, 2016 is set for a busy start! Par for the course, fdu will continue to operate on our core values of pride, simplicity, collaboration and excellence, in its continued quest to become the ‘go to’ provider of high calibre Finance Professionals.

May the accounting force be with us and our Clients in 2016. Happy New Year!