About Steve Evans

With over 18 years of senior Finance recruitment experience, Steve provides excellent support and intelligent guidance for both Clients and Candidates. Steve joined fdu in June 2015 to help drive further growth within the business, dedicating his work to Finance and Finance related resourcing.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Fail?

How many times have you hesitated in life due to fear of failure? Held back, doubted yourself or feared disappointment – only to regret your decision later. We’ve all felt that familiar wave of self-doubt, but it is conquering this doubt itself – rather [...]

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How to WIN – Consistency, Dedication and Hard Work

Who would win a race between Nijinsky and Black Beauty? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Nijinsky would, hands down. Why? Consistency of effort over a prolonged period. Nijinsky trained every day under the tutelage of Vincent O’Brien. Black Beauty was rolled out [...]

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Think, Prepare and Perform Like Elite Athletes. An Opportunity for Businesses to Learn About High Performance from Sport

fdu is proud to be working in association with The Financial Times Corporate World Championships to host a business breakfast event with speaker and human performance expert Keith Hatter. FTCWC Chairman, Chad Lion-Cachet talks more about the philosophy behind the FT Corporate World Championships and how sports [...]

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