About Michelle Blackie

Michelle has over 15 years of marketing experience, predominantly in the technology and design sectors. She has extended her love of brand and digital by working on both the client and agency side of marketing and business development with Packard Bell NEC, Text100, FINALLY and now fdu.

Premiership Rugby

Jan Gooze-Zijl, CFO, Premiership Rugby Describe the impact of the candidate you hired through fdu? Anita is doing an excellent job in difficult circumstances. She has not yet physically met a single colleague despite being in post for over 8 months and there [...]

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Career Path Discussions with Caroline Brown

Career Path Conversations with Caroline Brown As part of fdu's Pathway Podcasts Series, our CEO Adam Bloch is in conversation with business leaders, talking about their distinct career paths, how they got to where they are now and any advice or interesting information [...]

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Karen Slatford, Chairman, MYCOM OSI What did you get from fdu's approach? Trust | A good network | A good Candidate | Respect for my time and management's time. What did fdu offer beyond the expected value? Adam is someone I trust [...]

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The New World of Work

The New World of Work As lockdown slowly eases us back in to some sense of (adjusted) normality, more employers are looking at new and adjusted ways of working - from the extreme end of companies such as Twitter stating that employees can work [...]

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