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fdu's resident coach, Heeral Gudka is the founder and director of Convergent Consulting with expertise in helping leaders work in a manner that motivates themselves and those around them. She set up her coaching business after 15 years in the insurance industry, experiencing first-hand the impact that intelligent and genuine leadership has on people, and also the impact of poor leadership on productivity and morale. Heeral has worked with SAGA, Tandem, Argenta, Conyers, Dill & Pearman; Freisenbruch-Meyer, AON Bermuda, The Bermuda High School and CCS Group. www.convergentconsulting.org

Dear CEO, Are You Listening?

In early January the Financial Conduct Authority sent an open letter to CEOs in the wholesale general insurance sector about non-financial misconduct. This letter outlines the FCA’s expectations of how insurance companies address non-financial misconduct in the sector, including identifying what drives such behaviours. [...]

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Chasing Chemistry, Not Excellence

The climate of an organisation can be blown off course by one of many factors: market uncertainty; brain drain; natural churn of talent; a merger; a change in leadership. When we know which culture works in our organisation and we do our best to [...]

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The Cream Doesn’t Always Rise To The Top

Leaders often wonder why a diverse talent pool at junior levels doesn’t equate to a similarly diverse senior management. If this sounds familiar to you that’s good – you’ve already started questioning. And a curious mindset is a precursor to change. Most organisations believe [...]

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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

The majority of organisations acknowledge that taking an overseas assignment is good for an employee’s career prospects. And to make this transition easier, the logistical details are usually handled extremely efficiently – from moving belongings and finding a home, to settling children into schools. [...]

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#PressForProgress … but #PickUpThePace

International Women’s Day (IWD) was first celebrated in 1911 by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, and since then it’s grown into a global movement. Every year we make strides in creating more gender inclusive nations, if not the entire [...]

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Leading With A Different Kind Of Intelligence

Political events over the last several years have led to an increasing amount of national navel-gazing. In the UK, the USA and individual European countries there has been more dialogue about what each nation wants for themselves (and what/who they don’t want), and less [...]

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The Life Of A CFO: A Tale Of Disruption

The life of a Chief Financial Officer has never been easy or simple. If one thing is obvious, it’s that the role is getting tougher. While traditional elements of the CFO’s responsibilities remain relevant today, there are new forces at work to which CFOs [...]

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