About David Bloom, CFO

David is CFO at fdu. He is an experienced commercial international CFO in media and technology with 20 years working with fast growth public and private companies including Getty Images (NYSE: GTY), Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU), Keystone Software PLC (AiM) and KPMG.

A Great FD is like your GP

The Finance Director’s primary role in fast growth and mid-cap environments is to support the CEO in delivering the strategic vision by ensuring the business is suitably funded, with balanced controls and flexible process in place to safeguard its assets and underpin anticipated growth. [...]

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Clean Up Your Ledgers!

Even without a Year End looming, Finance and Accounts teams are always busy and it only takes one or two entries on either the sales or purchase ledger to be mis-posted or incorrectly updated before the Finance Controller or Manager has to take time [...]

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Who will read … my gorgeous MI?

As soon as possible after the month end, beanies working in SME’s all over the world race to produce Management Information for the month. As accurate, consistent, and quickly as possible. The longer it takes, the more ‘stale’ the numbers become. We’ve got to get [...]

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