Assignment Completion Survey

At fdu we strive for quality and innovation in the way we approach Client service. We endeavour to maintain the highest standards at all times, and value your feedback in our efforts to continually improve and advance. We would be grateful for five minutes of your time to complete our Assignment Completion Survey below.

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    Pre Search

    How did you hear about fdu?

    What do you look for in a recruitment provider?

    What did fdu offer that went beyond the expected value?

    During Search

    What are your thoughts on fdu’s way of working during assignment? (Describe the search process with fdu).

    Post Search

    What has been the impact of the candidate that you hired from fdu?

    What has impressed you most about working with fdu?

    How has your impression of fdu changed over the course of this process?

    Do you have any recommendations for improvements?

    How else can we help you?

    Your response data is confidential and will not be used in fdu marketing collateral without your express permission.