fdu has always championed the development of teamwork, discipline and self-confidence through sport. Sponsoring the Saracens ARFC Minis 2019 Easter Rugby Tour is part of our support for sport at grassroots level.

Saracens Minis Rugby is all about giving children the room to expend their energy within the rules of the game, so they learn discipline and teamwork in a fun and constructive environment. This in turn lays the groundwork for more rounded individuals growing up with a team focused performance mindset and ultimately contributing positively throughout their lives.

The Minis Easter Tour provides the young players a different experience from their weekly rugby experience. Its unifying spirit is a great opportunity for building a team ethic, forging and consolidating friendships that will last into adulthood.

This 2019 Minis Easter Tour, the U10s were lucky to play very good rugby clubs who were also great hosts. Saracens ARFC U10 Group Manager John Fazakerley described a highlight, “On the Sunday we played a three-way tournament at Hornets in Weston Supermare with an invited Welsh team too, who beat our first team playing, but our second team really took the second game to them by return. Great rugby, great experience.”

Players and teams improved their game, had enormous fun and enjoyed the sunny weather to boot. With positive feedback from both parents and coaches, it was not only the children who ended the weekend with wide smiles.