Celebrating fdu’s first decade in business this year, we are finding George Friedman’s quote to ring true.

In 2009 I knew I wanted to do something interesting in the search and recruitment environment. In the service-based industry, I wanted to stand out as the complete Client experience provider. Harnessing our entrepreneurial spirit and combining our executive recruitment and Finance insight, my business partner David and I launched fdu, dedicated to recruiting high calibre Finance and Operations executives. With a business model founded on relationships and a razor-sharp focus on Client sensibilities, we took to market strategic Finance experience, operational know-how, and many years of dedication to human capital.

We grew quickly and streamlined our offering into three divisions to simplify the process even further: fdu’s Search, Build Out, and Interim Practices. This allowed us to easily present the business to the market, and provide tailored service to our Clients and Candidates accordingly. The Client list grew exponentially in the growth to mid-cap market to include names such as Bitfury, Photobox, Ricoh, Lebara, ExcelRedstone, ZOO Digital, Cornerstone and Poq, many of which have since become long term Clients.

Interestingly, over the last ten years we have seen our success repeatedly circle back to the two principles by which we hold ourselves to account: Insight and Simplicity. Besides providing sterling solutions to our Clients often within tight timelines, we strive to keep the experience simple. Insight into the nuance of business sectors and our extensive networks have allowed us to consistently provide consulting service of the highest level for the last decade. Our Client relationships are testament to that.

Our success would not have been possible without our Partners and we must take time to thank our Clients, Candidates and Suppliers for their part in the collaborative process of transforming businesses. We thoroughly enjoy the partnership attitudes that these parties bring to the table. On some days we take instructions and on others we consult and help scope, but in either case, thankfully more often than not we are working with driven and thoughtful parties with the same goal in mind. We must also thank our supporters in the shape of like-minded third-party providers: auditors, corporate financiers, lawyers, VCs, PEs, outsourced HR outfits and others, all of whom trust our brand to represent their businesses well.   

Insight and Simplicity is what allows us to stand out from our competitors and make our Clients remember their fdu journeys. fdu is now poised to grow even more in what looks to be an even bigger and better decade in the exciting business of executive search and recruitment in Finance and Operations … but our focus remains steadfastly on the people, just like our last decade.