Adam Bloch, CEO

Adam Bloch, CEO

About Adam Bloch, CEO

18 years Consulting and Advisory professional services experience with global public and private companies. A background in board and executive level recruitment mainly in the Technology, Media and Communications sectors working for CT Partners, Renoir Partners and Morgan Howard.

Year End: Being Realistic Is As Important As Being Prepared

Year End is always a stressful time, no matter how thorough the preparation. As a CFO or Finance Director, while resolutely ticking items off your list, you might still be grappling with many Year End issues such as paying your vendors, scrutinizing your balance [...]

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Interim Is The New Black

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, businesses have been running a lot leaner, rarely extending beyond ten per cent above or below capacity. Cutting back has become the norm, with excess on the balance sheet seemingly a thing of the past. This more [...]

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Business Transformation: How Do Others Get It Right?

Transformation in business is rarely easy or straightforward. It is, however, often necessary for the survival or growth of a business and you will search far and wide to find a multinational today that is not undergoing Transformation in some way. According to McKinsey, the [...]

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“I’m On The Phone!”

Who would have predicted that out of all the technology available, those little devices glued to our hands or ears would eventually rule our lives to the extent that they currently do?   Mobile technology is carving out its niche in future industry with no [...]

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fdu Focus – Technology in Retail

Not to be outdone by other sectors, retail is embracing technology in its race towards the future. However, it’s not all as simple as putting products online. Technology in retail is causing a blurring of the lines and some companies are feeling that more than [...]

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fdu Focus – Manufacturing

UK manufacturing has taken a hit in the media with Brexit woes and general economic vulnerability. With Article 50 and its as yet unknown repercussions slowly edging closer, current uncertainty is making forecasting tricky and the daily running of business even more so.   But [...]

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Flyin’ To The Finish – On Tour With Adam Bloch

fdu’s CEO Adam Bloch, recently completed four stages of the Tour De Force charity cycle challenge as part of his own commitment to growth. In a fourth and final blog from this series, Adam shares his personal journey and motivation to be part of this [...]

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fdu Focus – Retail

The world of retail has not been unaffected by the momentous Brexit vote. While some brands are experiencing shareholder uncertainty, other brands are feeling the beginnings of consumer shifts. One thing is for certain; retail keeps growing and evolving to meet consumers’ changing needs. Here [...]

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